Yopi Jay

Project Description

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A World of Bhajans, Mantras, Heartsongs & Chants

Together with the audience Yopi Jay sings Sanskrit Bhajans from ancient India, Buddhist Mantras , heartsongs in English, African chants and sacred hymns from all over the Earth. Based in Cologne (Köln), Germany, the singer- songwriter and guitarist is playing all over Europe alone or with his Kirtan Band JayandJay. Originally a folkreggae-singer Yopi has been leading kirtan & chanting circles al…l around Germany in the last years and regularly played aside fellow musicians such as Shimshai or Fantuzzi. Everywhere he plays: from smaller singing circles in a Yoga-studio up to Chanting nights in churches with more than 1000 people-Yopis voice and music have the ability to open hearts and make people sing along. Yopi Jay auf Facebook