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Benjamin Brown


  • Healing: Sa 16:00 – 17:30 | 90min | Sacred Union Workshop mit Leonie Brückner in English | Surya Plattform
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Ben is an artist, world traveller, adventurer, lightworker and healer. He has been referred to as a ‚forefather of social media‘ creating beautiful and inspirational work online since 2010.

His creative pursuits have become more meaningful over the years, as his relationship to life has evolved.

Ben’s love for beauty has deepened, his devotion to nature continues to develop and with it his mission too has transformed. His mission is to re-enchant the world, making the adventurous life irresistible.

With his loving, kind, truthful and inspiring way of being, he opens hearts, shares embodied wisdoms & reflects the enormous joy of life back to you.


Sacred Union Workshop

Sacred Union means returning to yourself. When we return to ourselves, we return to all our brothers and sisters. We return to humanity, nature & existence itself.

This Workshop is an invitation for you to deepen the connection within and therewith finding your soul family, your tribe, your shining reflections.

To embrace yourself fully and treat yourself like the most WONDERful being on Earth is a present for all. The more loved you feel, the more you share love & inner peace.

Let us return home – let us be expressions of „Sacred Union“.

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