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MEA is the handpan and world music project by Marketa (Czech Republic) and Lea Valentina (Germany). Combining the sounds of handpans with voice, flute, guitar, percussion and diverse other instruments, they love to create a space of authentic connection. MEA invites softness, wildness and the feeling of joy when celebrating life in all its different forms, with closed eyes, with raising the voices together, with dancing and meeting ourselves in the beauty of rawness. Aiming to reconnect with nature and with one another, to find the magic in daily encounters and the small wonders that surround us – with this mission in their hearts, Marketa and Lea embark on their musical journey and invite everyone to be part of it. 

MEA is music from the heart
To make our souls sing
To bring peace to the mind
To connect to ourselves
To live the emotion of every moment
To dive into sound and vibrations
And to share our love and light
Marketa & Lea


Konzert / Sound Ceremony

Xperience Festival - Line Up

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